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1988 Ford Mustang GT


1988 Ford Mustang GT









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Honest "no story" one owner 5.0 GT Ford Mustangs like this one seldom come up for sale. This car is a time capsule back to the 80's and is as original as they come. In the highly desirable color scheme of white with dark garnet red interior, few would argue that this was not one of the best looking muscle cars of the 80's! We purchased this car from the original owner who truly loved the car as it was a gift in 1988 from her late husband. He even built a special heated garage addition to store the car for her. The car has a documented original 49,000 miles and was never driven in the rain or snow. We have all the original documentation on the car including manuals, business cards, order forms, sales contracts, etc. The body, paint, and underneath of the car is all original and absolutely beautiful!

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1988 Ford Mustang GT

1988 Ford Mustang GT

1988 Ford Mustang GT

The interior is spotless, and the back seat was never sat in! Even though the car was beautiful when we got it, GTS Classic Motors likes to ensure our cars drive as good as they look and having been around Fox Body Mustangs for some time, we know a thing or two about items that do not age well on these cars.

1988 Ford Mustang GT

Once acquired, GTS Classic Motors immediately set out to go through the whole car mechanically including servicing all the fluids (oil, filter, rear diff, transmission, coolant, brake fluid), full tune up with motor craft parts (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, reset timing, etc.). These old 5.0 engines tended to leak oil when new, so for one that has limited mileage, we found it pertinent to change the intake gaskets, valve cover gaskets, throttle body gaskets, oil pan gasket, etc. with all new motor craft components. Most dealers would never do this, but we enjoy driving our cars and wanted this gorgeous example to perform flawlessly!
Other mechanical items that we serviced included a new heater core (they commonly leak and are an eight hour job!), thermostat and gasket, pcv valve, fuel filter, air filter, complete transmission service, adjust brakes and all linkage, new struts and shocks, tires, and a front end alignment! This car is not only totally stock and beautiful to look at but is ready for the open road and cruises great down the highway. If you want a classic 80's muscle car that runs and drives as good as it looks, then give us a call on this car as rare, stock, one owner examples like this one seldom come up for sale. No stories on this car and just a rock solid investment!

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