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1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350H Hertz Rent a Racer


1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350H Hertz Rent a Racer









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289 HIPO

This 1966 Rent a Racer is well documented and has a very clear chain of ownership history back to 1966 when the car was shipped to Hertz of San Francisco, CA. Each owner lovingly cared for this car and preserved the vehicle. The car is well known and documented with the SAAC and the Ford vin has been authenticated with Howard Pardee(SAAC Registrar). We have a large binder full of the car's history, maintenance records, original literature, advertisements, vintage photos, etc. This is an investment grade gorgeous Shelby!

The combination of beautiful Raven Black with Gold Lemans Stripes is truly stunning and an icon of the original Hertz Rent a Racer program! The paint quality is very nice on this car. We believe this car was painted in the mid 2000's and, with minimal miles since then, has held up very well. The luster, depth, and finish of the paint is really, really nice and this car would make any owner exceedingly proud.

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1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350H Hertz Rent a Racer

The fit, finish, opening and closing of doors, panel alignment, etc. is extremely nice on this car. The fiberglass hood and side scoops all present very well, and we cannot find any signs of body damage or prior panel damage. As a California car for much of its life, this car has a very solid underneath with original floors, frame rails, trunk, etc. In fact, we cannot find any evidence of panel replacement on the car at all! This is just a rock-solid original Shelby!

1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350H Hertz Rent a Racer

Perhaps the sweetest thing about a Shelby is the Driveline, and this 1966 Hertz does not disappoint. It is an original Shelby "K" code HIPO engine that was treated to a professional rebuild. There is nothing like an original 289 Solid Lifter motor as it has incredible power and a unique rumble! The factory installed C4 automatic was also rebuilt around the same time and shifts very crisply. The original Shelby dash mounted Tachometer functions perfectly and looks truly awesome at eye level reminding you of how much the 289 HIPO loves to rev! Original Shelby parts like tri y headers, intake, etc. are all there too!

1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350H Hertz Rent a Racer

The interior of the car appears mostly original and presents exceptionally well. The factory Shelby wood steering wheel is in great shape! The seat covers are great with no wear as is the dash and the door panels. The carpet is good and the brightwork shines nicely. The gauges, turn signals, horn, brake lights, reverse lights all function properly and the car's interior is like a time machine back to 1966! The original factory Shelby tachometer functions great and the Kelsey Hayes disc brake warning label for potential renters is still present! This car, being a San Francisco Rental unit, has the rare and desirable emergency brake light that is documented!

1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350H Hertz Rent a Racer

This 1966 Shelby GT350H, like most of our cars, drives as good as it looks. Admittedly, because of its rarity and value, I only put fifty to one hundred miles a season on it, however, every time I get behind the wheel it is hard to stop grinning! Driving these first-generation Shelby’s is exhilarating and most people have never experienced such a rush. These cars truly were as close to a race car as you could get! This car is rare in that its function is as good as its form!

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