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1964 1/2 Ford Mustang 289 "D" Code Coupe


1964 1/2 Ford Mustang 289 "D" Code Coupe









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This 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Coupe is a very rare factory "D" Code 289 4 Barrel car with a C4 automatic. Since most 64 1/2 Mustangs were produced with either a 260 V8 or a 170 I6, this car is one of the rare late 64 1/2 production cars with the highly coveted and all new 289 V8 with the factory 4 Barrel carburetor! The car was treated to a concourse rotisserie restoration on a solid body some 20 years ago. Our family has known this car for 24 years and knew who the last two owners were as well as witnessed the restoration performed by a mustang specialty shop located in upstate New York. The car was shown for the first four years after the restoration and then sold to a gentleman who retired the car to a driven/show vehicle. We were able to acquire the car from the elderly gentleman who loved and cared for this car for the past 20 years! The car retains all its unique 64 1/2 features including its original rebuilt generator, louvered radiator support, frame tie mounted horns, brake pressure switch, etc. (see video). The car is a factory "M" Code Wimbledon White car with red interior and center console. It is beautiful and GTS Classic Motors recently spent a lot of time, money, and detail bringing the car back to a high level since the last gentleman was unable to attend to the car's needs for the past few years due to his age. The result is one of the nicest 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang "D" Code Coupes around that drives as good as it looks! We recently had this car out for a drive, and it gets so many looks and thumbs up, plus it drives and performs beautifully!

The correct "M" Code Wimbledon White is of a high gloss and looks very nice for being painted 20 years ago. GTS Classic Motors recently had the paint wet sanded and buffed to a show finish and it really turned out great. There are a few minor imperfections, and while no longer a concours finish due to age, the paint is very glossy, has great depth, and would make anyone proud to show and drive this car to local car shows and cruise-ins alike! After 20 years some of the brightwork had lost its luster so GTS Classic Motors decided to install new bumpers front and rear, all new Scott Drake reproduction chrome emblems, new quarter trim emblems, and all new taillight buckets and lenses. The chrome is all new and beautiful!

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1964 1/2 Ford Mustang 289 "D" Code Coupe

The fit, finish, opening and closing of doors, panel alignment, etc. is extremely nice on this car. The trunk and spring shackle mounts are ultra-solid. The underneath of the car is solid and GTS Classic Motors just spent hours detailing the underneath of the car. After 20 years since restoration, the underneath of the car did not match our standards as road grime and dirt had taken its toll. We carefully steam cleaned the underneath of the car and applied a beautiful coat of POR 15 which really protects these old cars and wears like iron. The finish underneath is great! We then removed the rear differential for detailing and finished it in proper satin black with a highly detailed red oxide third member. We even cleaned the original rear differential ID tag and reinstalled it properly! The inner fender aprons and front radiator support are all original to the car and the front radiator support even has the 64 1/2 cooling fins cut into it to cool the battery as generators typically cause batteries to run hotter. A rock-solid body and chassis that now looks great for the future!

1964 1/2 Ford Mustang 289 "D" Code Coupe

The original 289 was completely rebuilt just 3000 miles ago and runs beautifully! The car retains its original carburetor, intake, air cleaner housing, generator, fuel pump, distributor, transmission, etc. that have all been professionally restored/rebuilt. GTS Classic Motors just performed a tune up and a fresh service on the car and it really runs and sounds awesome! Under the hood is nicely detailed and original and the engine breaths through a new dual exhaust system with dual mufflers that dump out neatly out the back. The car has that muscle car "low end" mellow sound without being obnoxious. The transmission shifts nicely and engages properly, and the rear end was just serviced with new 80-90 gear oil. This car runs as good as it looks!

1964 1/2 Ford Mustang 289 "D" Code Coupe

The interior of the car is very nice in its original deluxe red color! After 20 years, the carpet had faded some and was a reproduction 1965 carpet as the original style 1964 1/2 carpets were not reproduced when this car underwent restoration many years ago. We decided to take on the task of installing a top-quality exact reproduction 1964 1/2 carpet and then sourced the correct grain vinyl and glued and installed it to the inner sill/rocker panels which was proper for 1964 1/2. This was a labor-intensive project, but the result is both correct and beautiful on the car! The headliner, seats, interior panels, etc. are all very nice in the car and we even installed new red vinyl pony mats. The car also has a pony cassette radio and speakers which were installed correctly without cutting the dash which work nicely and make cruising in this car even more enjoyable!

1964 1/2 Ford Mustang 289 "D" Code Coupe

What We Have Recently Done on The Car
-Complete detail of car including wet sand and buff paint and detail engine bay-
-Detail trunk and install new trunk mat-
-Complete detail of undercarriage including POR 15 paint and show detail rear differential with correct red oxide paint-
-Complete fresh service including 5 quarts 10W30 oil, new Motor craft FL-1A filter, flush and refill rear differential, lubricate chassis-
-Flush and refill automatic transmission with correct Type F fluid, replace filter, reseal pan gasket-
-Reseal transmission cooler lines-
-Complete new tune up including correct reproduction date coded plug wires, cap, rotor, spark plugs, points, and condenser-
-Replace bulbs where necessary and ensure all exterior lights function correctly-
-Lubricate and clean all window regulators, install new rollers where needed and ensure proper operation-
-New rubbers and weatherstrips where needed-
-Replace original wheel covers with "Pony Styled" wheels (originals included)-
-New white wall radial tires-
-New proper steel wiper blades-
-New premium grade reproduction front and rear chrome bumpers-
-New premium grade reproduction chrome emblems and trim-
-New chrome taillight bezels, new buckets, lenses, gaskets, wiring, etc.-
-New premium grade proper 64 1/2 carpet, new pony vinyl mats, installation of proper 64 1/2 correct grain vinyl rocker panel/sill covering-
-New dual exhaust system-
-New complete brake system including correct 64 1/2 master cylinder, pressure switch, pre-bent lines, hoses, clips, wheel cylinders, shoes, hardware, adjusters, bleed complete system, etc.-
-Rebuild brake pedal box with all new bushings and reassemble with marine quality lubricant-
-New lower control arms with ball joints-
-New front sway bar links and bushings-
-Front end alignment-

We absolutely love this car, and you would be hard pressed to find one with this great history and recent attention to maintenance and detail!

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