This ultra rare 1968 Mercury Cougar GTE is one of only 278 GTE Cougars ever produced!  The car is currently undergoing a complete concours rotisserie restoration by GTS Classic Motors.  The car was well known to our family for years and owned for the last thirty years by a friend of my fathers.  We were finally able to acquire the car and began the painstaking process of bringing the car back to a concours level.  What makes this car so special is it is a factory documented GTE with the 427 High Performance Side Oiler FE Big Block as well as having the upscale XR-7 package.  With a factory Cardinal Red over black leather interior color combination, as well as coveted options like a 3.50 locking rear differential, this car is not only extremely rare, but incredibly valuable.  When completed, this car will be one of the nicest and correctly restored GTE Cougars in the world.  A rock solid investment grade car!

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1968 Mercury Cougar GTE

Sneak Peek Restoration Pictures and Information

With Mercury Cougar GTE's coming up for sale just once every three or four years, and the fact that their rarity makes them incredibly coveted by collectors world wide, attempting to find one that is available is arduous at best!  With that said, restoring one of these ultra rare GTE's is even more daunting considering the GTE has such rare and specific components.  With only 278 ever produced, sourcing date code correct trim pieces, 427 side oiler components, emblems, etc. is like finding the proverbial "needle in the hay stack"!  We have spent countless hours, weeks, and months searching the country for components to ensure that our GTE will be truly numbers matching and restored with correct components.  From a date code correct, freshly rebuilt, 427 side oiler FE big block with original GTE "J" code vin stamped thermactor heads and proper meticulously restored Holley GTE carburetor, to fully restored original anodized GTE special side moldings, this car is going to be an absolute masterpiece and the pride of any collection.  Check back for updates on the car and "sneak peek" pictures of the restoration process.  We anticipate having the car fully finished by late 2018.