This 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe has just a wonderful history and we have known the car for almost twenty years.  The gentleman we recently acquired the car from was formerly in the armed forces and purchased this car while out west two decades ago.  When he relocated back east and joined law enforcement, he and his son set out to restore the car approximately a decade ago.  The car was always a West Coast car and retains all of its original sheet metal including floor pans, frame rails, quarter panels, etc.  This car is an original "R" VIN car meaning it was produced at Ford's San Jose plant and was never exposed to the East Coast snow and corrosive salt.  This little coupe is also rare in that it is a factory "A" Code car, meaning that it is a factory four barrel 289 V8 car!  This car also retains its original C4 automatic.  Restored in very expensive 1996 Ford Mustang "Mystic Cobra" color change paint and sporting black interior, this car is fully sorted and is ready to cruise to local car shows on the weekends! 


The "Mystic Cobra" color change paint was sprayed almost 10 years ago and still retains a beautiful luster.  The color change effect is still breathtaking in the sun and this car definitely gets a ton of attention!  In 1996, Ford decided to work with BASF for a revolutionary color change paint scheme to commemorate their all new modular 4.6 liter V8 in the new mustang.  This color change paint goes from green, to purple, to blue, and also orange hues!  We doubt there is another one in the world like this!


The fit, finish, opening and closing of doors, panel alignment, etc. is extremely nice on this car.  Being a West Coast car for most of its life certainly protected this car from typical Mustang rust issues.  Inside the trunk is super solid with factory seam sealers still present.  The floor pans and frame rails are not covered in undercoating or carefully disguised in black paint to hide anything.  While displaying normal patina, they are solid as a rock!  The car retains all of its original sheet metal as well.


The original 289 was rebuilt during restoration and used for some time, however, after many years of service, the bore just could not be stretched any further.  This was five years ago and at that point, the decision was made to install a brand new engine.  This motor has only 900 miles on it and runs great!  It is equipped with a Holley carburetor and runs great.  We recently just tuned the engine up and also serviced the rear differential with new gear lube.  The motor also has a fresh lube, oil, filter with Castrol 10W-30 non synthetic as well as a new Motorcraft FL-1A filter.  The original C4 was just serviced with new fluid and filter as well as resealed to correct a few minor leaks.  Overall, this car fires right up and goes down the road great!


The interior of the car is very nice and was refurbished during restoration.  The black upholstery has no cracks, the dash, door panels, seat belts, and carpet are all very nice as well.  We do have a new set of kick panels ordered as the old ones were starting to crack as well as a new headliner as the original one had a split seem.  Overall, a very functional interior that displays quite nicely!

What We Have Recently Done On The Car

-Complete detail of car including buffing the paint, applying a finishing protective wax, cleaning all glass, cleaning interior, etc

-Tune up of car including new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air filter, etc.

-Complete Lube/Oil/Filter with Castrol 10W-30 Non Synthetic Oil and a Motorcraft FL-1A Filter

-Complete brake service including replace two leaking wheel cylinders, clean and adjust shoes, replace hardware, turn drums, top off fluid

-Reseal leaking transmission seals and service unit with fluid and filter

-New battery and battery cables

-Adjust Carburetor and set floats and idle

-Fresh Pennsylvania Safety Inspection


Walk Around Video

This 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe is a truly awesome car that we have known for almost 20 years!  This is a super solid "R" Code VIN digit car which means it was built at Ford's San Jose Plant and has spent most of its life on the West Coast.  The car retains all of its original sheet metal and is a factory "A" Code engine car which means it is a factory 289ci 4V car.  The car is equipped with its original C4 automatic and has been restored to drive and enjoy.  Best of all, this is truly the only one you will ever see with 1996 Ford Mustang "Mystic Cobra" Color Change Paint!  The paint job was super expensive and looks striking on this solid "66 Coupe!  Fully sorted by our service department and has a fresh PA state inspection.

PRICE:  $17,999.00

1966 Ford Mustang Custom Coupe